"I have many different paths that I want to take in the near future, but for right now, I’m focused on releasing my music internationally, learning another language to reach out to a brand new audience, and inspiring people who are still discovering themselves. I also want to give back to the black community generously because I want to see others accomplish their dreams as well."

Kiya Boyd- "Travel Noire"

Every challenge is an opportunity and there is no greater example of this than Kiya Boyd. Born and raised in the Motor City of Detroit, she is infused with the exquisite brushstrokes of the world she inhabited growing up, which included gospel and jazz. Modern influences of artists such as Kash doll, Taylor Swift, Aaliyah, Post Malone, and Ariana Grande have left an indelible mark on her songs, but she has been able to integrate those sensibilities into her own unique body of work. Pop, R&B, House, and Indie have given her the foundations to build a textured story of beautifully crafted music that is perfect for modern audiences.

Never one to follow the accepted constructs of today’s society, Kiya moved to Korea in order to live a life that didn’t consist of a “9 to 5”. Consequently, she entered the commercial and mad-cap world of K-Pop Idol in training. An industry conveyor belt of talent, every single aspect of an artist’s development is controlled and overseen by the trainee system. Being a proud African-American woman who wanted to freely express herself meant that there was going to be the inevitable clashes over artistic differences and the unavoidable exit from the process.

Churned and burned by the system and being a foreigner in a strange land was no obstacle for Kiya, who has always been fiercely determined. Despite suffering the acute anxiety of a career setback, she started her own YouTube channel and began the slow return to making music. After making an initial comeback with the brilliantly assured ‘Show Me’, she has taken her time to release her new single, ‘Away From You’, and she has just completed her 6 track EP titled, ‘The Anxiety Diaries’.

If the K-Pop system has taught Kiya one thing, it is that to succeed you need to bring your ‘A’ game at all times. With ‘The Anxiety Diaries’, she achieves that by overcoming her fears and delivers an immediately identifiable slice of addictive and infectious R&B-inspired pop. The songs tell a tale of her journey so far with awe-inspiring vocal dexterity and synchronicity that underscores her soul and musical mind.

“I can now express myself in ways I've never even thought were possible. I want people to not only enjoy my music but to see themselves in my songs and to help get them through the difficult times. I want them to be able to relate to me and to really feel all of the emotions that are there. I’m normally a private person, but I choose to use my music as a gateway into my life. The door is open for anyone who wants to come in."

As the world emerges to the sunshine of a new dawn, Kiya Boyd is an artist that will lead us forward into a journey of musical possibilities with a sense of righteous hope as our shield.